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how to order this book

how to order and what price to pay.

to order this book you need to contact us by one of the 2 convenient and reliable ways:

p.o box 8101
silver spring, md 20907

@use the internet:

email me

be sure to include all order information in your email.

there are no book store or volume discounts because the price for value is greater ($7 to $10) than the set price on the cover $3.50. therefore book stores and wholesalers have purchased since 1985 at the $3.50 price but placed their own sticker on the book and sold it for $7 or $10. also note that at the next printing, summer 2000, wiluk press will price new copies at $8.00. (shipping and handling per copy $1.75)

print this form and mail to us:


mail order form

description: journey to honey hill


price each $8.00

total price

shipping and handling

grand total cost

method of payment

amount enclosed $____________ (make checks payable to: wilbert luck.)

by money order or check