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book thumbnailwelcome to the wiluk press. our author has designed a web site especially for you who love to know about the civil war. we are primarily in the business of promoting and selling the book. your journey to honey hill starts here. i know you will have many new exciting experiences here. all you have to do is checkout the banner that has a comprehensive guide to events and especially, how to place an order. primarily, wiluk press is in the business of promoting and selling this book, "journey to honey hill."it is the first book we did some years ago and now we are taking this action, namely, doing a web site, to heighten the awareness of the trials and tribulations endured by the 55th mass. (colored) regiment and the contribution they made during the civil war for one of the causes: elimination of slavery. we have also discovered the american's continued fascination with that war, consequently wiluk press is compelled to move swiftly to satisfy the growing demand to know every and all about the only war fought on these soils after the american revolution. yes, this civil war in which the fighting 55th mass. colored was used to defend the union, president lincoln wanted.

this book was used in part to make the movie "glory."

we at wiluk press are about self publishing of books of untold history before, during and after the civil war if you or someone you know has a story to tell, we would be interested to show you how to get it from the camara ready stage to a published book.